A little bit about me...

I am an attorney and have specialized most of my career in putting together financing for governmental entities. You name it, I have financed it, from fire trucks to courthouses to multifamily rental housing. Numbers are my thing, and I would love to help put together a deal for your special home! 

I am an army brat who went to about twenty different elementary schools before we wound up in a little town in northwest Florida named DeFuniak Springs. We always said it was halfway between Mossy Head and Ponce DeLeon, but it is also about seventy-five miles due east of Pensacola if you are looking at a map. Once I made it to the beach in Pensacola, I knew I would live in Florida near the coast forever.

I most recently served as Executive Director and General Counsel for the Escambia County Housing Finance Authority, a regional authority making affordable housing happen in twenty-one counties across the state of Florida. Did I mention that I love affordable housing and first-time homebuyers? I totally do!

I have been married since they had dinosaurs for pets, and have four kids and a passel of grandkids. When I am not working away at finding forever homes for people, I am usually outside walking my bossy dog or gardening. Ask me about my six-foot-tall poinsettia.